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ODABA Releases TODBMS and Tools 12.3.0

The latest version of the Terminology-Oriented Database Management System (TODBMS) ODABA has been released on Thursday, August 8th, 2013. Several useful extensions have been made in order to improve usability. Moreover, OSI functionality has been extended in order to use OSI more comfortable. Several mixed code applications (OSI/C++) have been build for customers, which proved the usability of OSI and C++ programming. OSI debug features have been extended and template class SET has been provided in order to support typed property handles.

The ODABA as well as the ODABAGUI API have been extended. Moreover, additional service classes have been provided for Email and configuration file support. Hierarchical configuration files may be provided now as ini- or xml-file. Essential changes have been made for the installation in order to simplify running examples. Several minor improvements have been made for ODABA database and ODE tools.

Several extensions have been made to the GUI framework. Default login handlers and procedures have been provided for batch and GUI applications. Tree behavior has been improved and several minor features have been added.

Finally, many bugs have been detected and removed. More details are described in change logs and in notices delivered with the development databases (ODE tools: Object/Notices). Notices delivered with the databases also contain a list of open topics planned for next releases. Notices are stored separately for basic functions (, database kernel (, GUI framework ( and ODE tools (